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White House national security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned amidst reports that he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States. In his letter of resignation, Flynn confirmed the allegations, admitting that he “inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information regarding phone calls with the Russian ambassador,” adding, “I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology.” The Justice Department is said to have spoken with President Trump and his senior staff about Flynn’s communications in late January, warning them that his actions could render Flynn vulnerable to potential blackmail from the Russians. Having held his position for little more than a month, Flynn becomes one of the shortest-serving senior presidential advisers ever. 

Michael Flynn’s Resignation Letter

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In the latest installment of President Donald Trump’s world leader meet and greet, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House Monday. The meeting included a joint press conference wherein Trump offered unconditional defense of his controversial travel ban, insisting the “common sense” plan is the only way to not "let the wrong people” into the US, even if it does interfere with the immigration of innocents.  Trudeau expressed dissimilar views on Trump’s plan, pointing out that Canada has welcomed tens of thousands of Syrian refugees without incident, but also stressed that he had not come to “lecture” anyone. Though both leaders hold opposite stances on a number of issues, the dominant theme of discussion during Trudeau’s visit was the shared goal of revitalizing trade between the US and Canada.

Trump Meets Trudeau in 90 Seconds

#JustinMeetsDonald #RespectfullyDisagree #TrumpsSuperHandshake



While preparing for a third consecutive weekend visit to Mar-a-lago, a Trump company golf club in Palm Beach, Florida, the president has dubbed the members-only resort his “Winter White House.” Recently released photos taken by a club member seem to show the president means this quite literally. The photos show Trump and his senior aides planning a response to Kim Jong-un’s North Korean missile tests at a table in the resort’s main dining area. Confidential national operations such as these typical occur in private quarters, in a secure setting, rather than amongst civilians and random onlookers. Trump’s Mar-a-lago trips costs tax payers $3 million per visit; simply flying Air Force One, the official presidential aircraft, is said to cost over $200,000 per hour. Trump is expected to make his third consecutive weekend visit to Mar-a-lago this Friday.

Trump Mar-a-lago Security Concerns

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Controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was greeted by a crowd of protestors during her first visit to a public school as a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Upon arriving at Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Middle School Academy, DeVos was met by a crowd holding signs, blocking the school’s main entrance, and chanting “Go back! Shame, Shame!” DeVos turned away and was led into the school through an entrance at the rear of the building. Local news reported that a protest was organized online by the Washington Teachers' Union, though no union members participated in physically blocking DeVos’ entry into the school. After the incident, DeVos released a statement reading, "I will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the Department of Education. No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation's schoolchildren."

DeVos Blocked From Entering School

#OhBetsy #Schooled #Resistance



A federal U.S. District Court judge has denied an emergency request from the Sioux Tribe to pause construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The request was made upon the grounds that the 1,172-mile pipeline stands to damage water the tribe uses for sacred Lakota ceremonies. Both the Dakota project and the Keystone XL pipeline were halted under the Obama administration, then given the go ahead last month via a Trump executive order. Following the order, potential conflict of interest questions arose after it was revealed Trump holds stock in the DAPL project. Presidential spokeswoman Hope Hicks later went on record as saying the president had sold all shares related to the project. Both projects were heavily maligned throughout 2016 as environmental hazards as well as violations of Native American rights.

No Dakota Access Pipeline Info and Actions

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