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Though Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime performance was missing the event’s typical star-studded lineup of guest performers, it did feature an advanced fleet of non-typical guests: 300 color coordinated drones, flying in perfect formation over NRG stadium in Houston, TX. The devices were Intel Shooting Star drones, and in addition to serving as wonderful halftime show co-stars, they are expected to eventually bring major advancements to the fields of agriculture, emergency rescue, product delivery and more. In 2016, the same Intel drones claimed the world record “most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously” during a 500 drone visual show in Australia. The devices are made of plastic and foam, weigh roughly half a pound, measure roughly half of one square foot, and are capable of producing four billion color combinations via their LED displays.

Lady Gaga’s Full Halftime Performance

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Though soda holds no nutritional value, school days are long ones, and sometimes some carbonated sugar water is just what is needed to survive that afternoon history class. An Instructables.com user named Mistablik agrees, and after experiencing a blast of inspiration during an afternoon class, he set about designing a soda vending machine that could fit in a student locker. With the help of Ardunino, a tiny computer that serves as the central component in many DIY projects, he designed such a device, and has posted its schematics online for all to see and experiment with. Whether or not schools would even consider allowing students to install it is a completely different story, but for any open-minded principles out there, this could be a seriously fun, and potentially profitable, class project.

Instructables.com Presents the Soda Locker


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As if Nerf Blasters weren’t already endlessly entertaining, the company has unveiled a groundbreaking, fully-automatic, 100 round foam cannon, the Nemesis MXVII-10K. This piece of advanced toy munition fires at speeds of up to 70 mph, providing a laser-like trajectory uncommon in toy land. The operative technology behind the Blaster’s efficiency is an internal, battery-operated flywheel, a rotating device that streamlines ammo flow and prevents barrel clogs. Nerf’s previous high-capacity cannon, the Rival Khaos, features a flywheel as well, but holds a mere 40 rounds. Adventurous DIY users have performed capacity mods on other Nerf cannons, including a backpack mod that holds 270 rounds, though modding a device is no easy task, and also voids its warranty.   The Nemesis is set for release in Fall 2017 and is projected to retail at $100.

Nerf Nemesis MXVII-10K Reveal and Demo

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In 1877, a device called the phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison as a means of recording and reproducing sounds. The phonograph evolved into the gramophone, which later evolved into the device modern society knows as a turntable, or record player. The schematics of all these devices had one thing in common—the stylus, or needle that reads the sound from the grooves etched into the record, stayed still during playback, while the record itself rotated. Now, for first time, a turntable has been designed that spins around the vinyl itself during playback, like the second hand on a clock. The turntable, called Love, is a truly modern device that not only offers design innovation, but also allows users to connect via Bluetooth, skip songs, and operate the device with a smartphone. Love is currently still in its Kickstarter phase, where it has nearly quadrupled its project funding goal.

Love Kickstarter Main Page


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For those of us who aspire to sport fabulous hairstyles (or just have tons of hair on our heads), hair dryers are a necessary evil. The small, cheap ones are often ineffective and can fry your follicles. The professional ones are larger, and with their attachments, often consume drawers of space. Now, Dyson, the super-vacuum company, has entered the hair care market with their new Supersonic dryer. With the same no-blade design as their fans, as well as a heat-regulating microprocessor, the device is technologically advanced enough to not cook your hair into a frizzy mess. However, also like Dyson vacuums, this is no small purchase. The Supersonic is a $400 device. But in the long run, this one may be worth it for beauty buffs. 

Dyson Supersonic Demo Video


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