Our Fave Super Bowl Commercials

Best Silly Fun:

#AvoSecrets I Avocados from Mexico

Who doesn’t like Illuminati, subliminal messaging, and BigFoot in one spot?

Best Pause for a Life Lesson:

#driveprogress I Audi

Because a reminder about #girlpower is meaningful, even if it’s during the Super Bowl.

Best We’ve Seen This Before, But…

#ItsBeautiful I Coca-Cola

Inclusiveness. Just saying.

Best Car Spot:

#BigGame I BUICK

Seeing Cam Newton throwing those kids around is everything.

Best We Needed a Candy Break:

#romancetherainbow I Skittles

Katie. Katie. Katie.

Best Reminder Not to Peak in High School:

#yearbooks I Honda

Did Steve Carrell really have that mustache in high school?

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