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Scientists at the University of Utah have developed a groundbreaking set of adjustable glasses that could eliminate a farsighted person’s need for separate driving and reading lenses. Farsightedness, which typically develops during a person’s mid-40s or 50s, occurs when the eye’s natural lenses lose the ability to switch focus between observed objects. The prototype glasses are designed to automatically adjust focus on what the wearer is looking at, within milliseconds, regardless of distance. An infrared distance meter within the frame of the glasses gauges the distance of whatever the wearer is looking at, and adjusts glycerine membranes around the lenses to provide proper focus. Wearers will be able to transmit prescription lens information to the meter via Bluetooth, essentially meaning one pair of glasses could be kept and adjusted indefinitely.

Farsightedness vs. Nearsightedness

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Though hybrid-plugin vehicles (cars that operate on both gas and electricity) can be great deals (superior mileage estimates, great pricing with tax credits), they still aren’t as efficient as they intend to be. In fact, performance analysis has discovered that fuel mileage can actually become worse if the car is switched from electric to gas during a trip. To remedy this issue, researchers from the University of California have established performance algorithms that utilize a vehicle’s electric motor strategically at certain points during a trip, maximizing overall fuel economy. The algorithms adjust based on the state of the vehicle; for example, whether a car is stuck in traffic or driving on an open freeway. Specific car companies have yet to integrate the algorithms into their vehicles, but partnerships are being pursued.

AutoTrader’s Top 5 Best Hybrids


Game app wizard Dong Nguyen, maker of 2013’s annoyingly popular Flappy Bird, has returned with a new title guaranteed to hypnotize mobile users worldwide. The Vietnamese designer’s Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is an 8-bit style game comprised of six timed ninja-skill contests, each designed to adjust their difficulty every time a round is finished. Essentially, this makes the game never ending, but harder every time you play it. Despite scoring huge profits from Flappy Birds, Nguyen actually ended up removing the game from the mobile market because, as he put it, the game had become an “addictive product” that was causing personal issues for him and other players. If initial reactions to Ninja Spinki are any indication, he may have authored another addictive title. The game is free and is available on iPhone from the App Store and on Android via Google Play.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! Preview

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Twitch, the world’s top social platform for gamers and video games, achieved a new viewership record this past weekend, as over 1 million users concurrently streamed the final match of the ELeague Major. The game being played was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a multiplayer first-person shooter game involving terrorist and counter-terrorism teams. Fox Theatre in Atlanta played host to the match, which featured 16 of the world’s best CS:GO teams competing for a $1 million prize pool. The event (which was also simultaneously shown on TBS, ELeague's website and YouTube), broke Twitch’s previous record of 890,000 concurrent streamers earlier in the broadcast, before hitting 1 million at the match’s conclusion.

Twitch Main Site


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Before their mass release, Hoverboards looked like the short distance transportation wave of the future. After their release, a different scenario emerged, one filled with constant sideswipes and crashes caused by user balance and direction-control issues. Now, a self-balancing, single-wheeled propulsion device called Solowheel Iota looks to change all of that. Solowheel is propelled by two 8-inch wheels located between the rider’s feet, whereas hoverboard wheels are located outside of the user’s feet, on the end of the board. Early reports claim this layout makes the device easier to navigate and much safer than any hoverboard currently on the market. Solowheel is also a compact, collapsible gadget, making it perfect for brief commutes.

Mashable: Solowheel Video


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