G-Eazy-When it's Dark Out Album Review

Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as, G-Eazy is an American rapper from Oakland, California. His newest album When it’s Dark Out was released on December 4, 2015, it is the second studio album released by G-Eazy, and is the most popular for the 27 year old Bay area native. The album allows the listener to understand what it is like to be inside of Gerald’s mind and the more complicated issues that he has dealt with throughout his life.

The first track called Me,Myself, and I, quickly rose to number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 in the first week it was released. G-Eazy raps about how his new lifestyle has taken a toll on him personally and his relationships. Other tracks like Sad Boy and Everything will be Okay, make Gerald reflect on his life and how he finds the courage to give his mom a happy life. There are also some fast paced songs from the musical styling of G-Eazy. Songs like Calm Down and One of Them are upbeat and explain wild times that Gerald has on tour. However, it wasn’t always fame and good fortune for the young rapper.

Gerald had major complications when he was growing up, including his parent’s divorce when he was in the first grade. When Gillum turned 12, he and his mother moved to Northern California. His mother began to date a woman named Melissa Mills, which confused and embarrassed Gerald. As Gerald started to grow a liking for her, he came home one day after school only to find Mills dead of an overdose in their basement. Gerald’s thought process through the whole event shows up in his emotional song Everything will be Okay.

Gillum went on a mission to study other artists, who had just released their sophomore album, to find out how they handled their new lifestyles and instant fame.

Gerald stated, "I did study a lot of my favorite rappers' second albums like how they coped with coming off a successful debut and all of a sudden, their whole world’s turned upside down, it’s all different.”

In this album, G-Eazy was able to rhyme his way to second successful creation in four years. He avoided the sophomore slump that some rappers fall into. G-Eazy is adamant on making great music for his listeners, as he continues work on his third major project. He’s only gaining popularity at this point, and if the next album is anything like this one, it’s bound to be amazing.

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