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During an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, top Donald Trump aide Kellyanne Conway introduced the world to a curious new piece of verbiage—the “alternative fact”. When asked about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s claims about Trump inaugural attendance numbers (claims later proven false by various arms of the media), Conway refused to acknowledge the falsity of Spicer’s comments, and instead referred to them using this new term. This comes after Spicer opened his first ever White House press briefing on Saturday by attacking various, unspecified major media outlets for printing a photo of Trump inaugural crowd that he claimed was misleading. Continuing, he claimed attendance numbers reported by the press were outright lies intended to harm public perception of the new president’s popularity.

“Alternative Facts” on Meet the Press


#CmonSeriously? #FactsAreFacts #LiesAreLies 


After months of public requests for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, and repeated promises from Trump to do so once an IRS audit was complete, top presidential aide Kellyanne Conway has announced his tax numbers will remain private. Conway also claimed citizens don’t care, though a recent ABC News/Washington Post survey indicated that 75% of Americans want the returns released. For nearly the last 50 years, presidential candidates have complied with the tradition of making their tax returns public, though none have had a business life as complex and shadowed as Trump’s. Various theories have emerged regarding his hesitance to release the figures—some speculate his worth to be far less than he claims, others that the realities of his financial portfolio conflict with his responsibilities as presidency.

Wikileaks Responds: We’ll Release the Returns


#WhatTaxes? #RelevantRevenues #PresidentTrump


Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura, 25, was killed Sunday in the Dominican Republic, the sole victim of a car crash. According to ESPN, Ventura was driving under the influence of alcohol when the crash occurred. Ventura was no stranger to the tragic consequences of operating vehicles while intoxicated— he was close friends with top St. Louis Cardinal outfield prospect Oscar Taveras, who was killed in October 2014 while drunk driving. Also, during his final game with the Royals, Ventura wore a hat memorializing late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine when he was killed in a boating accident last October. On the same day Ventura passed, former Cleveland Indians infielder was killed in an unrelated car crash in the Dominican Republic, though that incident is not thought to have involved intoxicants.

MLB’s Drunk Driving Problem


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