Fusfoo Five: Sports (December Dunks)

5Curry Reverse Lob to Durant Jam

During a cross-conference showdown with the Pacers, Golden State’s Stephan Curry floats a no-look reverse lob to Kevin Durant for a breakaway jam.

4Ross Shames Turner with the 360

While visiting Portland, The Raptors’ Terrence Ross nabs a back-court steal and shames Trailblazers Forward Evan Turner with the 360 slam.

3Jefferson Skies on Thompson

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Richard Jefferson skies on Golden State Guard Klay Thompson for a one-handed throwdown.

2. Oladipo Hides and Glides

Thunder Point Guard Victor Oladipo turns shoulder on Atlanta Hawks’ Center Dwight Howard and finishes with a quick-reveal dunk.

1Nance, Jr. Drops the Hammer on Lopez

Larry Nance, Jr. of the Lakers crushes Brooklyn Center Brook Lopez with a one-hand hammer jam. 

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