Fusfoo News: December 19th


Syrian government efforts to evacuate civilians from war-torn east Aleppo have again been thwarted. Local media is reporting that jihadist group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham has hijacked and burned evacuation buses, leaving evacuees stranded along the exit route without food or shelter. The buses, under operation of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Red Cross, had been sent remove nearly 1,200 innocents from the former rebel encampment. Bombings in Aleppo have devastated the region’s medical facilities, leaving many in need of medical attention, including sick and wounded children. The UN Security Council is soon expected to sign a resolution deploying UN officials to Aleppo to oversee evacuations.

Today Show: Children of Aleppo

#AleppoAtrocities #SyrianClash #HelpUNICEF



Today, the 538 members of the U.S. Electoral College will meet throughout the nation to officially select the next president. Electors are individuals, typically state party heads or elected officials, chosen to cast each state’s individual vote for president and vice president. Each state is allotted a number of electors equal to its total number of representatives and senators in Congress. No federal law or element of the Constitution prevents electors from voting against their state’s popular vote, though some state laws threaten to fine or replace any “faithless electors”. Over time, the electoral college vote has become a mere formality, but in lieu of Donald Trump’s popular vote defeat this year, the electoral college system has drawn more attention and criticism than ever before.

Interview with Faithless 2016 Elector

#ElectoralMorals #DonsDay #FaithInTheSystem



Despite suddenly jumping ship on fiancée Rob Kardashian and taking their one-month-old son with her, Blac Chyna is still thinking family business. Word out of Las Vegas confirms the new mom is returning to the club circuit, having just signed on for a January 7###sup/sup### promo appearance at Kardashian-favorite Las Vegas nightspot 1OAK. This follows Saturday’s hack of Chyna’s Instagram page, during which a series of text messages between her and her lawyers were uploaded. The texts reference Chyna’s plan to trademark the name "Angela Renee Kardashian", an effort that all three Kardashian sisters’ companies have openly opposed.  One text from Chyna to her counsel reads, "When I get married 7-17-17, I will just trademark it then...I'm not going to ask Kris...is it easier when I'm married?"

Kardashian Name Drama: The Family Speaks

#NameGame #KardashianWar #HolidayBreakups

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