Spotlighting the Scarlet Letters Award

At Fair Lawn High School (FLHS), the art of writing flourishes as a powerful and meaningful form of expression. For FLHS students, writing is not just a skill, but a secret platform that unlocks a world of imagination. It is in this imaginary world that FLHS’s Scarlet Letters Club thrives. Scarlet Letters is an opportunity for students to come together and compose stories that know no bounds. It embraces extraordinary ideas and celebrates creativity. Scarlet Letters is not just about writing, but it expresses the importance of fostering imagination and encouraging its members and audience to write beyond the ordinary. 


Since its inception in the late 1940s, Scarlet Letters has been a welcoming place for writers of all kinds at FLHS. Whether you’re an avid storyteller or someone just starting to explore the intersection of writing and art, there’s a seat at the table for you.


Laurelle Bennett is an English Teacher at FLHS and the current advisor of Scarlet Letters. 


“I greatly enjoy hearing the different stories my students tell through their poems. It’s a commonly incorrect belief that poetry must be about love or use a great deal of flowery language. Modern poetry does not need to contain either of these stereotypes and I love seeing students embrace this,” she expresses. 


Scarlet Letters has been up to amazing things. On January 8th, 2024, Scarlet Letters was given an Award of Distinguishment called: “Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) Contest!” by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). 


The National Council of Teachers of English’s REALM award recognized Scarlet Letters’s most recent publication, which can be viewed here. The National Council of Teachers of English is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and language arts at all levels of education. REALM publicly recognizes excellent literary magazines produced by students with the support of their teacher. Scarlet Letters is extremely grateful and proud to have won this amazing award. 


Looking to the future, Scarlet Letters Advisor Laurelle Bennet shares, “We are currently working on this year’s publication and continuing our long tradition of sharing poetry with FLHS. Scarlet Letters is an excellent club for students looking to express themselves through different artistic mediums.”


Any student who is interested in joining the FLHS Scarlet Letters Club should reach out to Mrs. Bennett at:


Thank you.


Images courtesy of NCTE

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