Interact Club Toy Drive

From the 2020 United States Census Bureau data it claims that 16% of American children (under 18) live in poverty. Many of these children will have gone without any presents under the tree this past Christmas. Fortunately, students at School 13 in Paterson, New Jersey had the opportunity for their wishes to come true with the help of Fair Lawn High School’s Interact Club.


Fair Lawn High School’s Interact Club contributes to the FLHS community by hosting various fundraisers and events, as well as their annual toy drive. Due to Covid, the club had not been able to host their toy drive these past two years. Luckily, this year they had the opportunity to return to the Paterson Elementary School bringing Christmas joy along with them. 


A student journalist for The Crimson Crier had the opportunity to spend the day alongside the Interact Club as they traveled to School 13 to spend the day delivering presents along with a special guest. The kids were overjoyed to see all the presents lined up for them. They waited patiently for the special guest to arrive as they chanted his name, “Santa, Santa, Santa!” 


Santa greeted the kids with waves and smiles as he sat down greeting all the students. Santa personally handed out each gift to the students with the help of his elves. The kids were ecstatic opening their presents. They showed off to one another and the elves what they had received with joy. 


A member of the FLHS Interact Club stated, “It was a really fun experience to be a part of. To be able to bring kids joy and know that you are giving them a fun memory to look back on is the best feeling.” 


Fair Lawn High School’s Interact Club contributes to the FLHS community in many ways. Kristin Burke, a history teacher at FLHS, and Dena DeSantis, a school counselor at FLHS, run the club which hosts various events and fundraisers for students to contribute to and support. The name “interact” is exactly what the club does, they interact with the Fair Lawn community both inside and outside of school. They help out in any way possible and this past holiday season they had done so through the school drive.


The club plans to continue returning to School 13 every holiday season.  


Image courtesy of Tim Gouw on Unsplash

2020 Census Bureau Source

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