National Honor Society Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Mr. Infante

By Rachel Andrade, NHS Member

Mr. Infante currently teaches pre-calculus honors, statistics honors and AP statistics at Fair Lawn High School. By being a student government advisor as well as one of two senior class advisors he has shown that he is very involved with extracurricular activities within the high school. Mr. Infante has deeply expressed his love for statistics and has shown his students that he is very passionate about his job as a teacher. He gives his students a better understanding of statistics by finding real life examples and incorporating them into the lessons. Mr. Infante is able to use his minor in psychology to further enhance his teaching ability.  

When asked about how he usually likes to spend his summer break, Mr. Infante explained, “I spend my summer cycling a bunch, I work on stand up material, and I take a master class on something. Last time I took a class on baking. I also make the best cheesecake and I have started branching off into more pies and cookies.” Mr. Infante showcases his comedic ability in his classes by telling jokes to his students every once in a while. 

Even teachers like to relax and enjoy their weekends. Mr. Infante explained what a typical Saturday night was like for him: “A typical Saturday night revolves around food. Most of my life revolves around food. Usually it is a guilty pleasure dinner that I cook followed by a comedy or horror movie and half a twix bar. I save the other half of the twix bar for Sunday.” He made it very clear that although he loves horror movies, he will not watch any movie that involves the Chucky doll. “The horror movie won't be Chucky because Chucky is one of my biggest fears. I don’t like possessed dolls. As a child my sister told me the movie Homeward Bound was on, and I ran into the room and Chucky was on the TV.” 


When asked if he could take the students on field trips to anywhere in the world, where would he take them, he responded, “I would take them to a Broadway show because I am a big theatre nerd. I would take them to see Moneyball the musical because it has to be math related.” When he first entered college, Mr. Infante was a theater major which explains his love for Broadway and musicals. Mr. Infante always tries to brighten his students’ day by playing music when the period first begins. Although he does not always play Broadway music, he always plays some type of music that he and his students can both enjoy. Sometimes Mr. Infante likes to show off his vocal ability by singing along with the song as the students enter the classroom which always brings a smile to his students’ faces. Mr. Infante makes his class as fun and engaging as possible for his students.


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