Do you love mystery and comedy genre shows? Are you looking for a new, fresh and original show to watch? Well, this show not only has you solve mysteries and laugh with your friends, it brings a refreshing new twist combining comedy and mystery. The new Hulu show called “Only Murders In The Building” is a refreshing and different kind of show. It stars singer/ actress Selena Gomez, and actors Steve Martin and Martin Short. Steve Martin is known for his role in Cheaper by the Dozen, and Martin Short is known by many people for his role in the Movie Trilogy The Santa Clause. The plot of this show follows three strangers with lonely lives who come together after sharing a love for a true crime podcast. 

The show centers around the murder of Tim Kono, a young man who was killed mysteriously and his death was ruled a suicide. But there is more to the story; that’s when Mabel Mora, Charles-Haden Savage and Oliver Putman come together and try to find out the real story of this young man’s death. This will include a podcast that might or might not help solve the case.

My friend Lara and I started watching it about two weeks ago. I had just finished a show also on Hulu called Dollface and I was looking for something else to watch. I remembered that Selena Gomez had a new show on Hulu that was her comeback to acting after a few years off. I had seen the trailer a couple months ago and it seemed different to other shows I had seen. We gave it a try and started watching it during school during our free periods. On B Days, we both have 2nd and 3rd periods free, so we would watch like two episodes. It would make us mad because we had class 4th period so we couldn't finish the episode!

We were intrigued by the plot and we also enjoyed playing detectives, trying to find out the killer. I recommend this show to thirteen years olds and up because of the language. After we watched the last episode, Lara said "I liked how she dealt with each character's life, so you got to know about each one and their background story.” It is a different kind of comedy and mystery show which I enjoyed - I can't wait for the 2nd season to come out on June 28th. Out of 5 stars I would give it a 5. It was funny, intriguing, sad and refreshing. Have you watched Only Murders in the Building? Would you give it a try?

Clich here to watch the Trailer.

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