Ever have the feeling of watching an episode then being like, “Okay I need to get stuff down” but pressing play to the next episode or having to wait a week for the other episode to come out? Well, that’s how many people feel about the second biggest show on HBO,  Euphoria (Game of Thrones is first). Zendaya, Hunter Schafer,Jacob Elordi, Angus Cloud, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney and more star in this popular show. Going back to the first season which premiered back in 2019, we were introduced to these teen characters who are exploring life and facing the hardships of relationships, friendships, sexuality, toxic relationships, drug addiction and more.

Season 1

The first season of Euphoria in 2019 was extremely successful. It started introducing the characters and their backstories. Rue is a drug addict who lost her father and was affected by his death. She started using drugs to try to cope with what happened. Her mother and sister are affected by her decisions and try to stop her from doing drugs. Jules is another character we meet; she is the new girl who is discovering the town. We don’t really know about her life in the first season. She meets Rue and has a friendship that then turns into a relationship in a way. Nate and Maddie are a couple who started dating when Maddie was still a minor (Maddie was 17 and Nate was 18). Throughout the first seasons, we see the ups and downs in their toxic relationship. Kat is a girl who doesn’t have confidence in herself. She is insecure about how she looks and tries to find ways to feel confident. She meets Ethan who is a shy person who has a crush on her. They later start a relationship. Cassie is Maddie’s best friend who struggles to accept herself because she is judged by society on past things she has done in her relationships that ruined her image. She meets football star McKay, and they later start a relationship that is affected by what she has done. Lexi is Cassie’s little sister and Rue’s childhood best friend who is quiet but observant of what others do. Kat, Cassie, Maddie, Lexi, and Rue basically have a friendship but are affected by what happens in their lives. If you watched the first season, then you know what happens. But if you haven’t, then you have to catch up. During the Pandemic, two special episodes were released that are based on Rue and Jules’ relationship which goes downhill at the end of Season 1. We see how Rue sees life as she talks to Ali( her sponsor) and how her drug addiction problem affects the people around her and her life. Then in the next episode we learn more about Jules' life, her relationship with her parents, her relationship with Rue and how she feels about her life as a transgender woman.

Audience Reaction

Viewers Discretion! Season 2 is much darker than season one and we see more problems in these characters' lives.

Euphoria is a very explicit and mature show that should be watched only by people who are of the age and maturity to handle it. NOT FOR KIDS! There are people who say that Season 1 was better, and others who say that Season 2 was not what they expected. There are many friendships that are built and affected in this season, and there is more drama. Many new viewers were attracted to Euphoria because of Tik Tok. People posted videos of episodes and their reactions. Many spoilers were on social media which made many people like me have to log out of it and watch the episodes.

In my opinion, Euphoria is a good show that many people can relate to in some way. And that doesn’t have to be specifically about drugs, but about insecurity, losing someone, friendships, etc. I feel like this season was interesting and more toxic and made the viewer feel for the characters either in a bad way or a good way. Something that I feel wasn't necessary this season is that there was a lot of mature content every five minutes. There are many of my friends who stopped watching because of a lot of sex scenes that weren’t necessary every minute. Overall, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What are your opinions of Euphoria? Have you seen it, heard of it and who’s your favorite character?

Click this link to watch the Euphoria cast talk about this new season:

Euphoria Season 2: Cast Reveals Things Get ‘Chaotic’

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