Importance of Music and “What is Tri-M?” by Lucas Beresheim

Importance of Music and “What is Tri-M?” by Lucas Beresheim 

Music is a very important part of many people’s lives, including my own. It’s a really great way for students to develop a special talent and because of its many benefits, it has become an essential subject in many ways. Music is fun and helps you strengthen many important skills, and helps mentally as well. Being part of a performing music group, such as the Nassau-Suffolk Performing Arts Band and the school jazz band, which I participate in, is a great experience. The intellectual, mental, and emotional benefits that music comes with really add to the reason why it is so important to play an instrument and be a part of a performing music group.

Being involved with music at school helps students become more social and make connections with others. Music can also relieve a lot of the stress that comes with being a student. Playing an instrument forces us to use our memory as we play music and learn new notes, symbols, and techniques. We store these things in our memory so we can use them in the future. Learning music also promotes craftsmanship, which strengthens our desire to do good work to successfully master a piece of music, or a new method. This can be helpful in our other subjects.

Finally, as stated earlier, music is fun. It’s a way for students like myself to stay engaged in school while having fun at the same time. It is a good path to take and can help shape our character. Perseverance is the key to learning an instrument. You can develop a real talent that can be enjoyed throughout your life. The Tri-M Music Honor Society recognizes all of this and more. It recognizes students with excellent academic and musical achievement, including performing at NYSSMA. To be accepted, you have to submit a very important essay that describes aspects of your interest in music and passion for music. Being part of Tri-M allows you to connect with other musicians and find similar interests. All in all, Tri-M allows you to express yourself musically and form bonds with others, and further emphasizes the importance of being involved in music.



I'm in my 38th year of teaching, 37 of them in Mineola.  I teach 8th and 11th grade English at the high school, and I am the adviser for the Question Mark, the high school newspaper.  I also am assistant director for the spring musical and the adviser for the Creative Writing Club. 

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