Breaking Boundaries: Eternals

On November 5th, Marvel released Eternals, which features Makkari, their first character with a disability in a movie. Eternals is about a group of immortal beings, created by the Celestials, fighting the Deviant race. Makkari is the speed of the team and her abilities include superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. Throughout the movie, she communicates entirely in ASL and her teammates translate for her. She explains how she’s able to sense vibrations and in a sense, "hear" more than a regular person.

Lauren Ridloff, who plays Makkari, was born deaf and understands the importance of playing a character like Makkari: “I know it's so important for these children, especially the deaf children and also the hearing children of deaf adults, to see someone like Makkari in the MCU.” Lauren Ridloff’s role as the first disabled character in an MCU movie has brought more awareness and curiosity to ASL. In fact, with the release of the movie, there has been a 250% rise in searches for “learn sign language for beginners."

Photos: ers-superpowers-deafness.html/

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