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The ŌURA Ring is one of the most accurate and insightful wearable wellness products at the modern market intersection of health, technology and fashion. While smartwatches do provide monitoring of respiratory rate and waveform pulse signals, ŌURA is the only device of its kind designed to provide actionable insights on sleep patterns—its accompanying app analyzes and displays physiological data collected during all sleep cycle stages, from light to deep to REM. In addition, arteries on finger veins offer stronger signal strength than wrist arteries, providing more accurate and more detectable physiological data. ŌURA comes in three colors: a frosted white and a frosted black, as well as a mirrored black.

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Oura Main Site


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For all travelers and apartments dwellers, or any clothed individual without a washing machine at home, the ultimate laundry solution has arrived. Dolfi is a portable ultrasonic washing device the size of a bar of soap that transforms any sink into a fully functional washing machine. Dolfi’s ultrasonic technology cleans fabric fibers from the inside outwards, a gentler washing process than most standard laundry machines. Once placed in water and powered, Dolfi’s transducer emits modulated sound waves that form microscopic high-pressure bubbles, loosening dirt and odors from submerged garments. After a half-hour, simply remove the garments, rinse and dry, and there you have it—clean clothing minus stretching, loosening of threads and color fading.

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Dolfi Main Site


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In September 2015, biopharmaceutical villain Martin Shkreli purchased the rights to AIDS drug Daraprim and raised the price from $14 to $700 a pill. The world immediately reacted, branding Shkreli a "morally bankrupt sociopath", a "scumbag" and "everything that is wrong with capitalism." Now, students from Australia’s Sydney Grammar School have successfully synthesized Daraprim’s active ingredient, pyrimethamine, at a $20 cost. While this is certainly a moral victory, in order to make these pills a cheaper market option, massive additional assets would be needed. Shkreli reiterated this via social media, commenting that they “have $4,999,980 to go” in manufacturing, labor and equipment costs before their $20 creation could challenge his.

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Martin Shkreli Testifies Before Congress


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Just in time for Christmas, sporting supply giant Wilson has released the Wilson X Connected basketball, the game’s first Bluetooth smart ball and accompanying app. In conjunction with any regulation 10-foot basket, the Wilson X ball keeps track of shot accuracy and distance, while its app trains players to move and shoot at game-pace, using shot clock countdowns and real-time audio. The ball itself never needs charging, and its battery contains enough power for more than 300 shots a day for a year. It has the grip of a standard game-issue ball, comes in both regulation and intermediate size and weight, and though it should be treated like an electronic device and kept from excessive heat and cold, it features the dribbling durability of a typical basketball.

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Wilson X on Amazon


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The development of a “squirt gun” that furthers the human body’s ability to heal itself has provided an unprecedented means for severe burn victims to recover quickly and without extensive scarring. The SkinGun, which resembles a glue gun, is a dispenser of stem cells, which are personal cell templates that can develop into specific bodily cell types. Stem cells are first drawn from a patient’s individual skin sample, blended with a water solution, then emitted as a mist, forming small islands over the burn. As these islands grow, they merge and form a protective layer over the burn, preventing infection while simultaneously initiating the healing process.

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What Are Stem Cells?


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