Famous High School Alum Šaćir Hot and His Path to Success

Šaćir Hot graduated from Fair Lawn High School in 2009, and since then he has proven to be one of Fair Lawn High School’s most successful athlete alums. 

A little background on Šaćir: his parents migrated from Montenegro in the 1980s so he is a first generation American of his family. He was born in Wayne, New Jersey and attended Fair Lawn High School from 2005-2009. He wore the number 19 and played center defense. The player received many awards and honors while playing at Fair Lawn High School. He even was the kicker for the football team his senior year. 

His success started at FLHS. He was signed to the Red Bulls Academy Team in 2006 while he was still a sophomore. While playing for the Red Bulls Academy Team he rose to the title of captain of their Under-16 and Under 18-teams. Impressively, he got the opportunity to play in the U-17 Clubs World Cup in 2007.

After graduating from FLHS, he has accumulated a lot of post-graduate success. He was nominated for the NSCAA Herman Watch List. Additionally, while staying with the Red Bulls Academy Team, he played for the Boston College Eagles. 

But that did not last long, because in 2011 he was officially signed to be a Red Bull and left the Boston College Eagles. He was signed under the Home Grown Player Rule. This allowed him to skip the draft and be directly signed with the team. 

“Sacir has shown that he has the potential to be a very successful professional soccer player. He has a bright future ahead of him and we are excited to sign him as our fourth Home Grown Player,” stated Red Bull New York General Manager and Sporting Director Erik Soler. 

While with the Red Bulls, he practiced alongside the French superstar Thierry Henry. It was the Red Bulls game against FC New York during the US Open Cup where he had his first professional debut and helped them to a 2-1 victory. 

Sadly, a year later he was removed from the team. Things started to look better for the 21 year old soccer player when he was signed to the German soccer club, Hessen Kassel. 

“Sacir was our dream player. We were able to get an impression of the longer trial training in autumn and are happy that it worked out,” said Jens Rose , the CEO of the soccer club, when talking about the signing of Šaćir Hot,

Hot played for the German club for a year before moving back to America. 

He then found success joining the soccer club, Iron FC. As a part of that team, he managed to win the ASL title in 2015 and got the chance to go on a tour in China, playing three games.

As of now he has a successful coaching career being the head coach of FC Motown, which is part of the National Premier Soccer League. They secured the first place spot in the Keystone Conference and earned victories against FC Monmouth and West Chester United, but sadly lost in the Regional and National Playoffs. 

Šaćir Hot acquired a lot of success and also some setbacks, but in all, he achieved a lot of his dreams and had the chance to partake in a lot of great opportunities in his athletic career. Hot is proof that one’s high school dreams can come true. 


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