The End is Near for Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys has found himself in the hot seat after the team’s poor performance the past couple of games. While Jason Garrett has been the head coach, the Dallas Cowboys have gone 80-60. This is not impressive considering the amount of talent the team has. The team is a top 10 defense to the number 1 ranked offense in the league. The Dallas Cowboys consistently make the playoffs, but as the Dallas Cowboy’s current record is only 2-3 in the postseason, they need someone better to help coach them through their struggles in playoffs.

Players on the Dallas Cowboys are great friends and can get along with each other very well. However, Jason Garrett and the players are not playing together as a team. Jason Garrett has lost his locker room and can’t seem to get it back. This year the Dallas Cowboys played against the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving afternoon. Jason Garrett went to give the team high fives after letting up a touchdown and none of the players even acknowledged him. This Dallas Cowboys team is arguably the best roster in the NFL, but their record does not show it. They are currently 6-7 leading the NFC East. If Jerry Jones does not fire Jason Garrett, this season will be over for the Dallas Cowboys way sooner than expected..

While he knows he’s in the hot seat, Jason Garrett has made zero improvement to make them a better team. Jason Garrett has been given an amazing oppurtunity and he can’t respond with winning football games. The reason he can’t is simple: he is not a good football coach and doesn’t belong on the Cowboys coaching staff. Jason Garrett is not aggressive enough on offense and in multiple scenarios he has not gone for it on 4th down and short. The Cowboys recently took this into consideration and as a result gave Kellen Moore the job for making play calls on offense. This should not be the last thing they do though because performing in the playoffs is exactly what the Cowboys haven’t been able to do because of poor coaching. The Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere have had enough with their losses to horrible teams and want Jason Garrett fired.

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