Gemini Man Review

Will Smith continues his legacy as “the most powerful actor in Hollywood” in his new film Gemini Man. Will Smith plays Henry Brogan, an assassin who wants to retire after his 72nd kill takes a toll on him. Smith also plays Junior who is the younger version of Henry who is sent to kill him. Henry later finds out he was cloned and confronts Junior in an emotionally tense scene. Throughout the movie, Junior struggles over the decision to disobey his father’s orders or carry out his own.

 Will Smith stated in an interview, “What is special about Gemini Man is at the center of it you have two characters played by one person across generations.” The role of Junior was achieved on screen due to CGI. Director Ang Lee said, “A man being chased by himself is a really compelling idea for a story… thanks for the technology today it’s possible.” Will Smith delivers the emotional scenes of Junior and the computer graphics software transforms present Smith to past Smith. “This technology is going to change how movies are made and going to be seen.” 

Smith is well-known for his roles in Independence Day, I, Robot, and the Men In Black series. All roles are a strong, powerful male leads. Smith starred in a film After Earth, with his son Jaden. After Earth is a similar film to Gemini Man due to the emotional, action-filled parts of both. Smith has been in the film industry for 30 years while also winning 4 Grammy Awards. His outstanding acting carries on today. Smith brings strong emotion while portraying two alike but different characters, Henry and Junior. Smith explained that he couldn’t play Junior when he was younger, but now has the experience to do so.

Gemini Man was released on October 11, 2019, and is no longer in theatres, but available in XFINITY On Demand starting December 23, 2019. The film is an action, drama, and thriller movie. Due to intense scenes, Gemini Man is rated PG-13 and for mature audiences.  

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