Interview with the Fantastic Mr. Hokenbrough

I chose to interview Mr. Hokenbrough because he is one of my favorite teachers. He teaches history and I like history. When he was my teacher, I thought it was fun to speak German with him.  Another reason that I like him is he gave out candy to me.  Check out how interesting and smart he is in the interview below. 

1. What is your favorite hobby? His favorite hobby is going hunting for animals.

2. Do you have any kids? His kids are Emma, Charlotte, Oliver and Nora. He doesn’t know what the baby's name will be.

3. What is your favorite subject? His favorite subject is US History.

4. Do you have any pets? His pets are 1 dog named Dempsye, 1 fish, and 11 chickens who lay eggs.

5. What is your favorite movie? His favorite movie is Anchorman. 

6. Do you like musicals if so, what is your favorite musical? His favorite musical is Wicked.

7. What are your TV shows that you watch? His favorite TV show is "The Office".

8. What is your favorite restaurant? His favorite restaurant is Romas in Lancaster County.

9. What is your favorite vacation? When he travels he likes to go to Maine, to the Acadia National Park. 

10. What is your favorite color? His favorite color is Orange.

11. What is your favorite book that you like to read? He would like to publish his own book called Every Soldier Has a Story.   

12. What are your favorite foods that you like? His favorite food is pizza. 

13. What is his favorite season? His favorite is fall that is why he likes the color orange.

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