Bless Unleashed a refreshing throw back to classic MMORPGs

Last week I discovered a new game known as Bless Unleashed. It is a free roam massively multiplayer game (MMORPG) that entered as open beta (which is when a game has gone through it’s most critical stages of testing and development and is considered in a playable state for the general public). I did not enter this game with high expectations. I thought this was just going to be the usual pay to win MMORPG with over sexulized female characters and sub-adequate performance. Shortly after booting up the game and entering the title screen, I found myself looking at the character creation.

I was surprised to see that despite being in beta, the game had five entire classes and the ability to choose between two possible races for each class. The classes consist of Crusader, Berserker, Ranger, Priest, and Mage. The four playable races are Humans and Elves, as well as two unique looking races named the Ippin and Varg. After making my character and playing through the surprisingly smooth combat, the game was easy to understand and get the hang of, which I found relieving . I played through some of the beginning missions in a sort of solo prologue area that you can optionally play in favor of getting a few levels before going out into the actual game. Though the game lacks in voice acting,  I found the game’s story to be quite entertaining and it kept my attention.

Pleasantly surprised with my first time playing the game, I decided to do some research on the game, finding it to be (for now) only playable on Xbox One. There is also a lack of official reviews from any well known gamers and big companies. Despite being in open beta, I found the game to be of surprisingly good quality. After showing my friend this game, we had a great time completing side quests and fighting bosses together.  I would recommend this game to anyone who has fond memories of old games like this such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy. This game really recreates that old feeling those games gave you as you went around hacking, slashing, looting, and leveling.

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