Live Action Lion King Review

The Lion King, live action was no disappointment. The movie was identical to the original with the perfect changes it needed like the looks of characters to the actions of the animals. The Lion King is based off of the original film debuted June 24, 1994. This new movie releases July 19, 2019, and the movie is an hour and forty nine minutes long compared to the original that was only an hour and twenty nine minutes long. Other sources say that Lion King was not good and that it was not worth watching and it shows with multiple reviews being under 3 stars. However, the movie can be watched and enjoyed by anyone because the film is rated PG-13 because it protects them because of Mufasa dying other than that the movie says it should be rated G for everyone. The Lion King is available in theater, as well as on Amazon Prime Video, Itunes, or On Demand to rent for three days for $5.99. This movie has made an unbelievable $534 million while it was predicted to make only $175-200 million. This movie costs $260 million to make. The picture was amazing and people like my mom really think there were real animals playing the parts. The animals all fit their character perfectly looking exactly what people would think that the characters would look like in real life. The way Simba matured was the best part of the movie because of the way they sang and walked through the forest and watched him grow his mane. Simba's songs were sung by Jason Weaver and every song he was in was more and more impressive than the song before. Other important voices are Donald Glover as Simba(when he wasn’t singing), Beyonce is Nala, James Earl Jones is Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejofor played Scar and many other big names played. The little changes from the original were the change in Mufasa’s death, the backstory of Scar, and the hyenas have grown to make their own decisions. The music in the movie was spot on compared to the original movie. This movie was no disappointment in any way and is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of the past Lion King or of any Disney movie. This is a movie that will stick with people throughout their lives and will never forget.

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