Shane Dawson’s New YouTube Series Tells All

The YouTube and makeup community is buzzing with what could be one of the most popular YouTube series’ and makeup launches ever. With over 19 million views so far, Shane Dawson’s videos about the personal life of Jeffree Star are getting more views everyday. The friendship between Dawson and Star has become more public, especially recently. YouTube videos such as “Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson” on Jeffree’s channel with over 24 million views, or “Switching Lives with Jeffree Star” on Shane’s channel with over 32 million views, show the friendship from another angle. 

Dawson started posting YouTube videos back in 2007. His channel first focused mainly on parodies, which he expressed musically. After a few years he had 8 million subscribers but soon realized his audience was maturing. Dawson then had to mature as well. Dawson began to progress into a YouTube sensation with over 30 million subscribers. He posted things such as conspiracy videos, food videos and vlog-like adventures with his friends.He has published two best-selling books called I Hate Myself: A Collection of Essays by Shane Dawson and  It Gets Worse. 

Star started off in the MySpace community where he was relatively famous. He launched his music career and was well known for not caring about what people thought of him. Not only was he a well known singer/songwriter, Star made a name for himself in the makeup industry. In 2014, Star launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics which is now one of the most high-end makeup brands. 

As of Oct. 18, 2019, three videos in Dawson’s series have been released. The first video is called “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” with 23 million views at an hour long. The video tells us all about Star’s wealth and what it is like being him. We also find out how insecure Dawson truly is. The two discuss releasing a new makeup palette with Star’s legal team. 

The second video is named “The Secrets of the Beauty World” and has over 19 million views. The video talks solely about the makeup palette. The video addresses the complexities of the industry, such as proper makeup income, how long it takes to create the makeup palette, and how much money goes into making it and advertising. Star’s employee and Dawson start getting to work on the eye shadow names and lip gloss names 

The third video is named “The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star”, with over 22.9 million views. This video goes back and forth with Dawson and Star reviewing the eye shadows, introducing the mini palette, and the robbery that happened to Star. The series is not done, but the release date for the makeup launch is Nov. 1. Clothing Merchandise has already been released and most of it is sold out. Dawson is continuing the series and many people are keeping up. 

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