Veganism is on the rise

Veganism is becoming more common because people now have more knowledge and a better understanding of what it is. Knowledge of veganism makes more people interested in this lifestyle. Vegans do not eat animals and animal by-products. They also live free from animal clothing and cruelty. 

  When you don’t eat meat or dairy, your body misses out on important vitamins and nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Protein, B12, Omega -3, and Vitamin D3. Some argue that this makes veganism unhealthy. I disagree. All the vitamins a person needs are at the local pharmacy or grocery store. They’re called supplements. When taking these everyday, your body gets all the needed vitamins. Nutrients like protein are in many vegan foods, such as nuts and seeds. Iron is in foods like spinach, kale, and broccoli. 

Veganism has benefits. Because of less consumption of saturated fats in meats, you lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and may also lose weight. This brings a lot of people to veganism as a diet. Vegans eat veggies, fruits, and nuts where low-calorie vitamins and nutrients are.

According to Sainsbury’s Future Food Report, it is estimated that vegans and vegetarians will be a quarter of the UK's population in 2025. Fast food places recognize veganism’s growth. In August, Burger King released the Impossible Burger that is 0% beef, and Subway announced they were testing a Beyond Meatball Marinara Sandwich where the meatballs are vegan.

Understanding why many vegans are vegan is important. Vegans do not support meat production due to animal cruelty. Many farm animals are isolated in small spaces with no fresh air. In effect, vegans and vegetarians cut out meat and other animal by-products.Veganism helps spread awareness of animal abuse in hopes to keep animals safe and limit products being made. With veganism on the rise, this is accomplishable.

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