Is technology the future of education?

Cedar Cliff High School recently introduced laptops into the everyday school environment. Every student received their own Chromebook and charger to start the school year. The students were notified in the summer that they could report to the school library in early August to get the Chromebook and charger, along with stickers to personalize them.

Chromebooks have become a big topic this school year with both students and teachers discussing how Chromebooks can be incorporated into the classroom, and what there is to like and dislike about them.

Mrs. Wolfe, an English teacher at Cedar Cliff says, “ It’s nice for me as a teacher to know everyone has a laptop to use so there’s never that excuse that they can’t get online”. Yet, she says, “It’s annoying because kids are always leaving them behind.” Despite this, Mrs. Wolfe admits she will doing more online activities in the future.

As for a teacher who wouldn’t need to use a computer that much, Mr.Gillen a math teacher at Cedar Cliff, says he will also be putting the Chromebooks to use this year.  He will be putting worksheets on Schoology and using other math websites.

As for students, Hannah Rumbel, a junior at Cedar Cliff says, “I’ve only used them in classes a little bit and not to their full advantage, however, they are really convenient to have for when I do need to be online.”

For other students it’s the opposite. Morgan Faronav, another junior who attends Cedar Cliff, says “It’s more of a hassle than it is a convenience for me with having to put in different WiFi passwords at school, at home, and wherever else you need to use them.”  She also states that it’s a pain to remember to charge her Chromebook every night.

As far as seeing what people have to say about these Chromebooks with their likes and dislikes, I can see schools all around the country giving their students opportunities like this. As an example, Lower Dauphin has laptops for each student, while Central York and Dover students have Ipads.  The devices seem to be very beneficial in every school. The electronics help students have access to the Internet at all times, give students the ability to get ahold of teachers when needed, and in the future, hopefully prevent snow days because school work can be done online.

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