CC soccer manager is one of a kind

Cedar Cliff Soccer manager Luke Fagan works harder than anyone to prepare for the next game without ever stepping on Lowther Field. During soccer season, Luke makes sure no time is wasted. He provides everything he can for the team and coaches to make their jobs easier. Luke is friends with everyone on the soccer team and loves to watch them win.

Luke did not become the team manager in the typical way. He tried out for the team and made it. However, Luke knew that he did not want to play soccer and wanted to quit. He wanted to focus on other things like music which Luke enjoys making. Coach Osborne didn’t want him to leave, because he knew that Luke could be useful. No one really knew what Luke would do, but Coach Osborne had an idea and Luke agreed.

Luke is happy to be the team manager because he loves to feel like a coach and enjoys getting out of the house and seeing the other team’s facilities. He says it’s a lot of work, but he doesn’t mind; he still has time to finish all of his schoolwork and study for his classes. Luke has multiple jobs as team manager. He writes out the rosters for the announcers and opposing teams. He also reports the scores to multiple websites, tapes players’ wrists before games, and sets up the field for drills. 

One interesting thing Luke does is run an Instagram account for the Cedar Cliff soccer team. He does it by filming them at practice, taking it home, editing the videos and then adding music to the videos. He says he enjoys it because, “It’s very exciting to get to put your own flavor on something that already has flavor.”

Luke is proud of the team and what he does. I asked Luke if he would recommend being a manager and he said, “Absolutely, I would recommend this to someone who wants to coach or get a behind the scenes look of what a team is like.” 

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