Soggy inches closer to fame

Coming from little New Cumberland, Pa, 16 year old Luke Fagan is on his way to fame in the music industry.  Luke’s individual style allows him to engineer his own vocals and create his own beats from scratch.

It all started in New Jersey.  Luke and his family were on vacation, and he picked up a guitar he found in a music shop. Fast forward 7 years, and Soggy Bologna hit the scene.  Luke started making music as a joke, and his name Soggy Bologna came from a bologna sandwich he ate in the high school lunchroom one day. Recently, he dropped the Bologna part, and Soggy is now the name his fan base has grown to love. Soggy currently has fans across the globe in places such as Germany, Australia, Canada, and Finland. 

Soggy's success was not an overnight process. Soggy has spent a lot of time learning new ways to engineer and add effects to his vocals, and also new ways to create melodies. Since this is a solo gig for Soggy, it often takes days for him to produce a song, but he is always able to produce and put out good music for his fans. Some favorite hits are: “Mountain of a Man”, “Bottles”, “Toxic”, and “Poser”.  All of Soggy’s music is out on Soundcloud. He also has released music on other platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, Napster, and Tik-Tok. Soggy wants to make music and create beats full time in the future. But for now, he’s focused on a smaller goal and that is a 100,000 plays on a single song on Soundcloud. 

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