All Saints Wins Big at State Competition

Academic Awards (1st Overall)

Yearbook 7th place 
Sponsor: Mrs. Parham

Ready Writing
5th - Jack Schoenbrun
Asher Fanous
Bradley Tidwell
Sponsor: Ashley Wilson

3rd place - Shelby Babineau
Cate Clements
Sinchana Basoor
Sponsor: Amanda Adair

Gabrielle Lea
Eyan Absar
Sponsor: Kayla Hartman

Current Events & Issues
3rd - Surya Dasgupta
5th - Jack Schoenbrun
Evan Pan
Sponsor: Kristi Braley

Literary Criticism
Gabrielle Lea
Sarah Wright
Zoe Hathaway
Sponsor: Angie Billings

Social Studies
1st place - Bradley Tidwell
6th place - Asher Fanous
Evan Pan
Sponsor: Tom Marsh

Cate Clements
Sinchana Basoor
Jack Schoenbrun
Sponsors: Amanda Adair, Sharon Birtcher, David Lambert

Number Sense
2nd place - Jack Schoenbrun 
8th place - Sinchana Basoor
Ken Lu
Sponsor: Josh Jones

Ken Lu
Paul Qin
Uijune Jung
Sponsor: Josh Jones

6th - Barrett Lin
Tanner Sundeen
Paul Qin
Sponsor: Sarah White

Advanced Math
Sinchana Basoor
Ken Lu
Cate Clements
Sponsor: Kathleen Partain

Speech Events**Won Top Speech Team Award

Persuasive Speaking
1st place - Bradley Tidwell
3rd place - Evan Pan
semifinalist - Surya Dasgupta
Sponsor: Kristi Braley

semifinalist - Ethan Huey
Kaisen Berry
semifinalist - Zoe Hathaway
Sponsor: Kimberlee Martin-Ross

Solo Acting
Caroline Rowan
semifinalist - Neely Pate
semifinaist - Tensaye Schultze 
Sponsor: Kimberlee Martin-Ross

Original Oratory
5th place - Ethan Huey
7th place - Aubrey Helbig
Olivia Young
Sponsor: Kristi Braley

Joy Park
Taylor Phillips
Zoe Hathaway

Duet Acting
semifinalists - Neely Pate & Tensaye Schultze
Eyan Absar & Ethan Huey
Taylor Phillips & Joy Park

Lincoln-Douglas Debate ** Won Top Debate Team Award
Closed out finals, allowing for Co-Champions: Gabrielle Lea & Evan Pan,
semifinalist/3rd place: Asher Fanous

Art Awards (5th Overall)

Sponsors - Gale Lassiter & Jack Delaney

Ellie Walker - 1st Place in State - Senior portfolio

Nya Bickham - 1st Place in State- Applied Industrial Design - Clay/mixed media - Me as a Peacock

Ellie Walker 1st in State - Black/White Drawing/The General

Caroline Wells - 2nd in State - Sculpture - Tattered Angel

Laura Bryan - 2nd in State - Applied Industrial Design - My Identity Pod/sculpture

Bella Boulter - 2nd in State B/W Photography - The Castle

Zane Harrison - 3rd in State - Applied Industrial Design - Identity Pod

Hope Sabella  - 4th in State - Relief/Sculpture- Wood Mixed Media - Nailed It

Shelby Phillips - 8th in State - Clay - Tuscan Sun

Sarah Wright - Honorable Mention in State - Drawing - Mixed Media on paper- It's All In My Head

Abigail Helbig -  Honorable Mention in State - Sculpture - Mixed  Media - The Owl in Me Transformation

Katie Bellefuille - Honorable Mention in State - Relief - Clay - Nature

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