Seals Create Major Chaos in Small Canadian Town

Dozens of seals were stranded in a Canadian town blocking traffic, homes, and business entries. It became very cold one day in a Canadian town which froze up many bodies of water where seals live. Experts say that the water froze at a speed which was so fast that the animals were unable to return to the water. Instead of searching for an open body of water the seals began to move inland cause havoc. Since the action of killing these marine animals in Canada is illegal, it is being taken very seriously to get these mammals back into the water.

Two of these seals were struck by cars, and people are concerned that these seals will end up starving to death. It is against Canadian law with marine mammals such as seals so this makes it a big issue that they are no longer in the water. The town's council is now looking into the investigation and are searching for the seals so they can be rescued, fed, and returned to the water as fast as possible. Police stated, “They may appear to be friendly in nature, but it is very dangerous to approach or attempt to capture these animals without proper equipment.”

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