2019: Mini-Thon Man Pageant Revamped

By Ethan SanSoucie and Brandon Koch

They aren’t competing for tiaras and a sash, but they are strutting their stuff for childhood cancer. Nine contestants will complete when Cedar Cliff High School hosts their annual Mini-THON Man Pageant January 23rd. The purpose of the pageant is to raise money in support of our Mini-THON night and to provide entertainment for anyone who attends. The nine contestants will participate in various questionnaires, contests, and most importantly, racing to raise the most money to support Cedar Cliff Mini-THON.

 Emceeing the event will be local radio hostess, Jenna Clay, and Miss Pennsylvania, Olivia Suchko. This year the Man Pageant is being held on a separate day from the main Mini-THON night. Man Pageant coordinator Shallyn Leland said, “Other schools in the area had success with their Man Pageants.”

 So how does one win this Man Pageant? There are three areas of concern for the panel of faculty members to judge the contestants on. How much money they raise via donations, their competition results, and the fan vote, which will be determined by a QR code.

 The competition portion of the pageant includes a swimsuit competition, a talent competition, where the contestants will be dancing or lip-syncing to songs and a Q&A portion, where students will answer some serious and some funny questions on themselves and their opinions on certain topics.

 Sophomore Landon Switzler said he’s participating in the pageant “to have fun for a great cause!” One of the more challenging portions of the pageant is raising as much money as possible. To raise the most money, Switzler said he would be using the donor drive application and would be canning in his neighborhood to reach his goal of $500.    

 His strategy for winning? “I’m just going to go up, have fun, and enjoy my time. The goal is to raise money for kids, and that’s what matters to me.”

Video courtesy of Shallyn Leland

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