Record Breaking Netflix Release

On Dec. 13, Netflix released an original thriller called, “Bird Box”. The main characters in the movie were portrayed by well-known stars, Sandra Bullock (Mallory Hayes,) Trevante Rhodes (Tom,) John Malkovich (Douglas,)  and Sarah Paulson(Jessica Hayes.). When “Bird Box” was first released it received a lot of publicity and a week later almost everyone in the world had seen and shared their opinions via social media.

Netflix announced on Dec. 28 that in only seven days more than 45 million accounts watched Bird Box, making it a record-breaking debut for the streaming service

“Babel X” by “Babel Street” from The Wall Street Journal conducted a study on social media on how people felt about the film. 8.28 %  of viewers had very negative reviews, 22.56% had negative reviews, 46.5% had neutral reviews, 19.94% had positive reviews, and 2.72% of peoples reviews were very positive.

“I want the two hours of my life back.  This is the kind of stuff that gives sci-fi a bad name. In most things you have to extend your perception and accept the world created by the artists and go with it...but this was entirely too bloody ridiculous...script and dialogue, hackneyed and tired...there is far better content available.” said a person who preferred to remain anonymous  in a review on a blog.

Another viewer wrote a pleasant review on the film saying, “I believe the acting was incredibly strong, and the suspense was continuous and madly realistic. If you find a way to connect to the movie from the beginning i assure you, you won't be disappointed.”

Despite the mixed reviews, Netflix won five golden globe awards across film and TV, underscoring its status as a rising Hollywood power.

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