Wearing glasses: the stereotyping of intelligence level

            Nerds, Geeks, and straight A students: What do they have in common? Is it the fact that they study, or is it the fact that they pay attention in school? Neither. One thing that may connect all these people are glasses.

            “British journal Nature, found that people who displayed higher levels of intelligence were almost 30% more likely to wear glasses or need contact lenses,” reported USA Today on the topic.

Hundreds of years ago, glasses were a sign of significant intelligence. Scholars for the king wore them, as well as national librarians and other intelligent people. Higher intelligence can be connected to the need for glasses. General intelligence can be traced back from genes, as well as eyesight. There is a distinct connection between the intelligence factor and that of poor eyesight according to the Independent Journal.

However, the wearing of unnecessary glasses can harm eyesight, and constant use of them can cause it to travel down the genetic line. Intelligence can be passed through teachings and genes as well. So by connections, it would make sense that glasses and intelligence would be affixed.

While there is science to back up the claim, there is also a social connection. People are brought up in this society where they connect glasses with intelligence. People with glasses believe it is their job to be smart because that is what the stereotype describes (Chatelaine)

"This stereotype is silly and biased," said sophomore Elias Domanski, an individual who wears glasses himself."Plenty of smart people are passed over for important roles in society that don't wear glasses because of first impressions,” 

Teachers were also brought up with the same stereotype so it would make sense that they may believe the same thing. A teacher might see a student from a young age and notice they are wearing glasses. They can then infer that the student is smart, and from that point they will try harder to help the student grow, intellectually

“While people might not consciously stereotype, I personally think glasses tend to make people look more studious,” said English teacher Ann McHugh.

Different factors can affect intelligence. Whether it is the stereotype or the genetic background, anything can change a student’s intelligence.

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