School Snow Days Turning into Cyber Work Days​

For years, teachers have assigned homework during snow days (or other off days) even if the school still has to make up the missed day on a later date. This, of course, is highly disliked by students, parents, and even by teachers. Schools across America such as Anderson School District in South Carolina, Barren County High School in Glasgow, Kentucky, and even schools in Pennsylvania such as Carlisle and Central York have begun implementing what some refer to as “Cyber Snow Days.” This is where students and teachers have work assigned to them (usually electronically), which allows schools to not have to make up the missed day. 

 This is a highly controversial issue, with some citizens praising the idea of cyber snow days and others saying that the revolutionary idea will kill a part of childhood. Nonetheless, the issue is reaching Pennsylvania and could one day reach Cedar Cliff. Most schools that have acquired this new system require students to have some type of computer (which the school district provides.) These work-at-home days don’t limit to snow days, but also include days off due to mold, fog, and safety concerns. 

Cedar Cliff gave its take on work during snow days even if it does not count as a makeup day, which nearly everyone who was interviewed viewed this as a negative thing. For the Cyber Snow Days, the majority of those who were interviewed saw this idea as a somewhat good thing. One thing that is clear from the interviews is that most people like snow days, but dislike making them up. 

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