Be informed before arguing gun control points

While some people allow the modern youth’s speeches and protests to sway them in opposition of legal firearm possession, others’ ideals aren’t so easy to let go of. Maintaining a stable government authority in addition to the liberties of the people can be quite difficult for a country that calls itself the Land of the Free.

Such an issue is why the 2nd Amendment was created to begin with. We’ve not had the need to force our government to stay in check thus far, but the potential for an uprising of the people to overthrow a corrupt government exists in any country, including ours.

The United States is far from a dictatorship, whether it’s a malicious or “benevolent” one, and that’s only the case because of the freedoms we’ve been given.

Misinformation is often perpetuated by those without the knowledge they should obtain to provide accurate commentary on this subject, with the ignorance certain individuals display toward the truth of this matter being hard to rationalize.

For instance, there are many people who do not know that most of the mass shootings in the United States have been committed with shotguns and handguns, not the semi-automatic or automatic weapons that most people assume to be used.

Additionally, what about the fact that our own FBI includes both home defense and gang violence in their annual mass shooting statistics, meaning that most of the victims aren’t even civilians being killed or injured?

For every politician who only points out these facts, there are thousands of uninformed teenagers who spout the same nonsensical limericks about gun control from a decade ago.

Ultimately, people shouldn’t quickly assume that they know the proper solution to gun-related issues when they don’t have all the information that they should about gun control.

Header photo from Wikimedia commons

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