Broken heart syndrome uncommon but real

Everybody will experience a broken heart in their lifetime, perhaps from a breakup or a divorce or a loved one passing. But who knew you could die from it?  This can be rare, but it is also very real. Luckily, doctors are finding out  more and more  about broken heart syndrome, and they now  have the capability of treating this temporary condition.

In past cases broken heart syndrome may have been confused with a heart attack. This is because of their very similar symptoms, which could range from mild to very serious. These symptoms include having a tightness in your chest, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Webmd explains how broken heart syndrome can happen. “ The heart has its mysteries, including the reasons why it can suddenly grow weak due to physical or emotional stress.” So stress is what causes this literal heartbreak. The rush of adrenaline causes this reaction and adrenaline can legitimately spread all over your body and attack your heart. Milena A Gebska, a board-certified  cardiologist, said that “Due to the poor circulations your heart becomes temporarily frozen, causing shock, and in more extreme cases, death.”

However, broken heart syndrome isn’t something that happens commonly. This is a rare thing that occurs in the human body. According to Webmd, “ It is mostly common in older women, typically striking after a major physical strain like surgery or mental hardship like the death of a loved one.” Preventing this attack means dealing stress and taking it seriously: not doing so can be harmful to your body. Talking to somebody and relieving your stress can help with healing of the broken heart.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms you should  see a doctor right away. If you catch on to this early enough, you can be helped. With what we know now, doctors have the right technology and knowledge to get you feeling better. Don't let what may seem like an unimportant step to cause a potentially life-threatening event. 

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