Open campus format continues to open options for seniors

Cedar Cliff High School is now in its second year of open campus. This fairly new policy of senior option seems to be working well for both students and administrators.

    With the open campus, students enjoy the freedom to go out for lunch, go home throughout the day, or if they wish, stay at school. This has nearly unanimously been met with open arms. Only seniors are allowed to leave and require a pass to re-enter the building.

    “It’s a good thing. It gives underclassmen something to look forward to,” senior Maleah Keller said.  Students appreciate the freedom that they are given, not usually present in high school. Senior Zachary Lathrop said, “It’s nice; it prepares you for college.”

    There’s no question that students are getting plenty of use out of the ability to leave. “I usually leave every day,” Sydney Brown said. Lathrop said he also takes advantage of the opportunity. “I leave once or twice a day.” Many seniors have large gaps in their schedules without classes, so their time away from school is not at the expense of class time.

    Those who have never had open campus may ask where these students are going during the day. “I go to get food or home,” Brown said. Most other students had similar reasons for leaving, “I go home or to my senior project,” Keller said.

    Questions may arise over whether students are mature enough to be allowed to leave unsupervised throughout the day. Principal Dr. Kevin Fillgrove does not seem to be worried about students causing trouble. “I’m sure some do, but most don’t.” He has other, less serious, concerns. “The biggest problem is where students park when they come back.” He strongly advocates senior option. “I very much like it; it’s a great opportunity for students.” He went on to state senior option is “likely to continue and expand.”

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