Turning away from animal testing

            Animals have been used as the subject of product testing for years, but recently things are beginning to change. Many large cosmetic companies are turning away from the popular practice, and moving towards a friendlier approach. With the advancement of technology today, there are many alternatives that can be used to test products without sacrificing the lives of innocent animals.

            Animal testing is a detrimental practice and in some cases could even be looked upon as a form of abuse. Animals being used for experimentation may be injected or force fed with potentially damaging substances, subjected to radiation, have their internal and external organs removed to impose harm, made to inhale potentially fatal gases, and put in situations designed to cause anxiety and depression according to Cruelty Free International. If such procedures were practiced on humans, it would be considered a form of torture, yet it is allowed on animals that feel just as much as people do.

            “A large proportion of animal experiments in the EU are reported to cause ‘moderate’ or ‘severe suffering’ to the animals - according to the researchers who carry them out,” reported Cruelty Free International. In fact, in some cases the experiments “ … require the animal to die as part of the test.” The lives of many animals are cruelly disposed of every day due to these harmful procedures.

            Recently, many large companies are taking steps to become cruelty free. On November 5, 2018 Covergirl announced their products are now cruelty free. This comes after much advertisement from the cosmetic brand Elf showing that they never test on animals.             Many international companies are also ending animal testing, even though to do so is not required by law. LIVEKINDLY reported that Japan’s largest candy company Morinaga & Co. has decided to discontinue any testing on animals after meeting with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Unilever has also taken large steps to end animal testing altogether.

            Universities have received huge grants of money to help end and find alternatives for animal testing as well. Scientists as well as many activists have undergone tests similar to those the animals do, in order to understand what they experience.

            Jessi Wenger, 16, a junior at Cedar Cliff High School said, “There is absolutely no justifiable reason to continue risking the lives of animals when there are such significant advances being made in technology.” Wenger said that the technology could easily be used to test products instead of animals, and save many of their lives. “We are very quick to use technology in other matters. I don’t understand why this can’t be one of them.” 

Both photos from wikimedia commons.

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