Cedar Cliff set to bring The Addams Family to the stage

By Morgan Faranov and Krissy Badalucco

Buh duh duh dum, Snap snap, opens the TV sensation everybody remembers, The Addams Family. The comic strip which inspired the hit television series and movies, became a musical on broadway in April 2010. The musical has won and been nominated for numerous awards and continues to tour to this day. Cedar Cliff High School plans to bring it to stage from March 14-17 in their 2019 annual musical, The Addams Family Musical. The gut-busting comedy and music will leave you wanting more.

Matthew Topping, Cedar Cliff’s chorus teacher, talked about the chosen musical and why everyone with a passion or interest in theatre should take part in this show. Topping describes it as a “coming of age story centered around the quirky Addams family,” specifically their teenage daughter Wednesday. When Wednesday meets a “normal” boy, Lucas, who is much different from herself, both her and Lucas’s perspectives on life begin to change. Both families struggle with this, leading to hilarious chaos.

The cast options include kind, yet eccentric, father Gomez Addams, loving mother Morticia, stone-faced daughter Wednesday, and small pudgy son, Pugsly. Without a doubt, you can't have the Addams family without crazy Uncle Fester or their zombified butler Lerch. While the main cast consists of the family, there are minor roles for those not ready for the spotlight. People can try out for the ancestors, who help push the story. There is a role for everyone. Auditions took place, December 4. The cast list will be revealed as soon as possible

This musical was chosen with care, “Everyone involved with the production debated and came together on what would be best for the students, the school, and the community.” Every year Topping hopes that people find joy or get something from the musical. If a viewer finds something educational or even if the show just puts a smile on somebody’s face, Topping’s goal is met.  

 Putting on The Addams Family will take a lot of hard work. The rights cost about $4700  and the hours can be long, especially when it is getting closer to opening night. “You put into it what you want to get out of it,” Topping said. Stage crew usually meets once a week, and everyone else practices about three times a week. Although during the last few weeks until showtime, Cedar Cliff becomes a second home as the hours can be extremely long. That being said, “Everything is worth it once the curtains are drawn.”

Participating in a musical is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. “It is truly an experience that you cannot get anywhere else,” Topping said. “It feels amazing to be a part of something bigger than yourself no matter what or how much somebody contributes.” No one has to have an amazing gift in singing, acting, or dancing. There is truly a role for everyone, whether it is stage crew or starring on stage. 

Images by Peter Barnett posted on Pinterest

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