Bell Works Revitalized

Bell works Inc. in Holmdel, NJ  recently underwent a $200 million renovation turning it into a “metroburb.” The 2 million square foot building is complete with a dining area, library, salon, gym, and daycare center, creating a mini-city within its walls.

After being purchased in 2013 for  $27 million, Somerset Development began renovations on the office complex. In addition to the eateries and commercial businesses, Bell Works also added ample room for relaxation by creating two large areas of turf with comfortable and flexible seating.

However, the renovations are not yet complete as there are still new tenants opening places to shop and eat on the ground floor of the building. One, in particular, The Hummus and Pita Co., is expected to open later this year.

Bell Works has become a center of communication for businesses to collaborate and innovate in their fields. With the city-style ground floor, companies are able to meet with clients and investors in an environment that is laid-back but still professional.  

As for the businesses operating out of Bell Works, they are primarily centered around technology, staying true to the building's history of innovation. Companies such as iCIMS, Workwave and StopIt, and many others in the building work to continue revolutionizing in the field.

Bell Labs is known as the birthplace for many of the telecommunication advancements in the 20th century. As the home of AT&T, Bell laboratories contributed to the first transatlantic telephone cable between Scotland and Newfoundland.

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