A Star is Born Reborn

A Star is Born is in theaters now and it's doing fantastic. Most people know about the 1976 version as well, but did you know that this year's movie is the fourth version? 




A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer 1 - Warner Bros. Pictures

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star is Born) - Vevo

Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again (Music Video) - Khen Labadan Lago Channel

Judy Garland - "The Man That Got Away" from"A Star is Born" - Alexandra Pereira 

A Star is Born (1976) - Trailer - YouTube Movies

A Star is Born (1954) - Trailer - Warner Movies on Demand

A Star is Born 1937 Official Trailer (Nominated Oscar / Best Picture) - OscarMovieTrailers

Bradley Cooper reveals why chose Lady Gaga for 'A Star Is Born': "I need nuclear power in the voice" - Moses Bach

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