Denzel Curry's 'Taboo' pleasure for rap fans old and new

Denzel Curry, a quickly rising star in hip hop, recently released his new album “Taboo” late last July. The Florida rapper, mainly known for his 2015 song “Ultimate,” has been frequently overlooked by the mainstream audiences. On “Taboo” Curry puts any doubt aside that he is not versatile enough to move beyond “Ultimate.”

Curry has stated “Taboo” is themed around a progression from the lighter sides of life to the dark. This carries through well from the first song, “Taboo,” featuring Curry’s soft singing over a guitar-laden beat, to the last, “Black Metal Terrorist,” which features Curry alternating between screaming verses and sung choruses over a hard-hitting beat.

Because the album bursts with fantastic songs, settling on a few highlights is hard. Some good starting points for a listener to see the versatility of this album would be “Black Balloons,” a very upbeat song displaying Curry’s singing ability; “Clout Cobain,” a more straightforward radio-friendly song; and “Vengeance,” an intense group effort featuring Jpegmafia and Zillakami.

“Taboo” should be a pleasure for rap fans old and new. By blending some modern tendencies while retaining the lyrical quality of the classic greats, Curry brought his A-game with this project, and it truly shows in the final product.

Fans of other intense rap vocalists such as XXXTentacion or Scarlxrd will likely enjoy “Taboo” as well as Curry’s other works. 

Header photo source:

By Anton Mak during Osheaga 2017  The Come Up Show from Canada

Thumbnail photo source:

By glenjamn3       Denzel Curry performing in November 2016


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