Were the Risks this Journalist took Worth it?

What if you risked your life for the sake of important journalism only to have all of your hard work thrown in your face and belittled? That is exactly what happened to Suki Kim who went undercover at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) in North Korea to report on the country's ruling class and totalitarian dictatorship. Kim risked going to jail and perhaps even her life while undercover there as a teacher. When she put all of hard work into words and into a powerful book, she was urged by her editor and agent to market the book as a memoir.

Kim knew her story was no Eat, Pray, Love travel and love memoir. Yet because she was a woman and because she was not taken seriously as a respected journalist, her team thought it was best to showcase her book in a softer glow. This ended up coming back to bite Kim who was criticized for being deceptive in her marketing and she was also accused of putting her students in danger. After everything this woman went through, she wound up being chastised at every turn. Would this have happened if she was a man, we'll let you decide.

[H/T jezebel.com]

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