Here's My Flower

I am watching

The cars pull up

To the spots

Where they must park

The day is dreary

Almost ending

Darker now

Than the day before

There was singing


Those old

Forgotten tunes

But now

There’s silence

And shaking hands

Eyes are looking down

It’s much colder

And the ground

Is muddy from

The rain we had this morning

I’m in grey

Because they

Said black

Was “too depressing”

My shoes are soaked

And the wind is

Nipping but I’ll

Ignore that for now

Now we’re walking

And there’s flowers

We each get one

To hold for a bit

There’s a hole

In the ground

And I suppose

That’s where he will rest

It’s been a week

But it was chaos

With books and

Phone calls and dinner plans

It was fear when I

Sang the shakey

Hymnal at the mass

Not a day before

And it was laughter

When we told

His stories over

Lunch at my aunt’s house

But now it’s

Cold and

Now it’s sad

Because he is in that box

You’d think

I’d be used to saying

Goodbye, for

I have been all this week

But now it’s real

And this is it

They’re lowering

Him into the ground

All the things

I wish I’d said

And it is all

Too much

My aunt told me

I was sensitive

Because I had cried

Through out the mass

But if sensitive means

I’ll remember

Him better

I will take sensitive any day

So here’s my flower

And here’s my heart

Because heaven

Has Gained an angel.

Senior at Middletown High School South

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