The Walls Drawn Around Me

I was raised with walls drawn around me

With the privilege of my race

Living with wealth that patted my shoulders

Never to feel out of place

I knew not of deep sorrow

Nor of worry or dispair

My world was entirely consistent

Was true and just and fair

I did not learn of horrors surrounding me

I was shielded - or rather cherished

The only people I knew who had died

Were of natural causes perished

And suddenly one day

There was a crack in the foundation,

An article amidst some research

Which had an allure of captivation

I read a true story of a boy

Who was forced to murder his sister

I could not breath and cried from shock

My anger bubbling like a blister

Beyond this day I heard more stories

Grew to be trusted with news

Of tragedies which weighed upon me

In ways I could not excuse

Though I did not even partake

In these hardships I would see

They would weigh down on my shoulders

And demand attention from me

I was safe and comfortable and happy

While someone was malnourished,

Was searching, was yearning, was dying

And I was guilty as I flourished

I suppose all I can do now is wait,

With a helpful heart I try to maintain,

With purpose towards appreciation,

With open eyes and attempts in vain

To help in some little way to

Comfort those in pain

Senior at Middletown High School South

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