Interior Monologue of a Meal at Panera while Writing Poetry With My Friends (A Poem)

What do I want?
Does that sandwich have cheese? I hate not being able to eat cheese.
Wow, she got a salad. Am I not healthy because I don’t eat salad.
Hmm. What to drink… A coffee? Yes
What to put in the coffee. 
Ugh! They don’t have almond milk. 
Should I just get lemonade?
NO you paid $2.49 for that coffee, suck it up.
Two sugar packets should do it *grabs six*
Ugh the milk is making me sick. 
See I knew I shouldn’t have drank the coffee.
Hey, that kid goes to our school!
Should I wave? No, he won’t see you.
Wait he is clearly looking at me. *Wave*
Why isn’t he waving back.
Wow I must look ridiculous
*Tells friend everything once I get back to the table*
I really can’t eat this sandwich.
I really can’t write poetry.
What should I write about
Why is Laura so good at writing poetry.
I feel like such as hipster writing poetry in Panera.
Should I go on Snapchat for inspiration…
NO, you will never finish your poem
Who am I kidding I will never start the poem.
What should I do?
Write about being in Panera
Thats stupid
Or is it?
*Writes poem

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