VIRAL Episode 2: The Forbidden Fruit: Why are People Eating Tide Pods?

On today's episode of VIRAL, we are going to explore the hidden origins of the Tide Pod Challenge. But most importantly, don't eat Tide Pods, guys.

Special Thanks: Textographies, for filling in all the blank places where I couldn't figure out what footage to put. 

ANCHOR: Aubrey Helbig

Editing: Aubrey Helbig

Some of the memes: Aubrey Helbig

Not actually attempting the tide pod challenge: Aubrey Helbig

BG Music: Vicious Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Intro Music: "Happy Rock"

In my defense, this meme was more relevant when I edited this. Gimme a break. 

My name is Aubrey Helbig. I love public speaking, writing, and most importantly, the internet. 

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