How To Make Time For Yourself

Life isn’t an easy job, and sometimes one just needs a break. Working a full time job, or going to school for the majority of the day can be tiring and stressful. Take a day off, and do the things that keep you relaxed. Read a book, or take a 15 minute cat-nap, maybe even take a jog around the block if you’re feeling up to it.

  “I try to spend at least two hours a day doing something I enjoy that doesn’t involve school,” stated Jen Boyle, learning support. “On the weekends I only spend one day doing school work, and the other day I relax.”

  Waking up early every morning can be aggravating. The hours of the day go slower, and the night goes faster, and before you know it, it’s time to wake up. Lets face it, no one wants to wake up at five in the morning. It’s just something most of us don’t enjoy. Sometimes we just want to sleep in. It’s a proven fact that high school students need up to eight hours of sleep.

  “Medical studies have related a lack of sleep to health problems and cognitive impairments. Therefore, experts typically recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults,” according to Gallup.

  There are multiple ways to de-stress yourself. Matter of fact, we all have our own specific way. Whether it be listening to music, going on a walk, or maybe just talking to someone about all the hassle in your life.

  “Among all the stress going on in my life, I relax and unwind by playing with my kittens,” says Anna Henriksen Shea, sophomore.

At the end of the day, the best way to relax yourself is by doing whatever it is that you personally enjoy.

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