The Benefits of Reading

Reading isn’t always the “go-to” for entertainment, but it sure can be a beneficial read.

Believe it or not, reading has numerous benefits, whether it be gaining new and better vocabulary, or even a life changing experience. Reading isn’t just for nerds, it’s for everyone.

Reading can take you places. Finding a book that you enjoy can lead to many enjoyable adventures of the novel's world. It can allow you to feel as if you are walking in the characters shoes for a couple of hours, or perhaps a day or two.

  “When I read, it’s like a movie that goes through my head and I am every character, I can see their thoughts and I think as they do, as I read what they actually do,” says Michael Facella, senior.

Reading can be the drive to an outcome of success.

“Well, mystery novels have influenced me into wanting to become a Forensic Scientist in the future as a career,” says Paul Penny, senior. “I’ve always dreamt of becoming a real life Sherlock Holmes! And these novels have given me even more of a drive to do so.”

So, think about this before you turn down a book.  

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