Listen to Body's Cues for Physical and Mental Health

The constant striving within society to be healthier is promoted through various trends and tips. Although, this term “healthy” can be very broad and relative to different people. Many people paint an image of what “healthy” should look like with oftentimes drastic expectations.  Having healthy hair, skin or teeth can come in various appearances; where two people may have extremely healthy hair but look like polar opposites. Two people could weigh the same but appear to have completely different body types, but both can still be healthy. Understanding what is healthy for us as individuals would benefit much more.

Referring to Body Mass Index (BMI) is a very effective way to see if you are within the boundaries of a healthy weight for your sex, age and height. Although BMI charts are an easy way to keep mindful of a healthy weight, people should seek out a doctor to find other, more personalized, ways to be healthy. Balanced and routine diets can maintain healthy weight. Making sure you're getting protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy are necessities for healthy maintenance. However, many exceptions exist for plant-based diets or other irregularities within food intake. As long as you're getting the essential vitamins, the substitution products you consume should not matter.

Being healthy physically is usually the main thing people think about when they hear the word “healthy.” However, mental health plays an immense role in the overall homeostasis of your wellbeing. Being in touch with your emotions and realizing when something doesn't feel right is an indicator not to ignore. Understand that getting help for mental issues is not any less important than fixing something physically. Dealing with mental illness can affect the everyday lives of many individuals and put a strain on their wellbeing.

Senior Ellisa Briel has many daily practices for self-health. “Exercise and smart food choices are important parts of keeping my physical body healthy. After a long (volleyball) practice, although I may feel exhausted, it’s a good feeling nonetheless,” said Briel. “Keeping strong and caring friends close allows me to open up and release any mental stress or issues I might be dealing with. I’m finally glad I realized the importance of talking about your problems rather than letting them bottle up.”

Junior Lyla Nissel said she also focuses on being healthier. “I stay healthy physically by eating a healthy vegan diet, drinking a sufficient amount of water, working out regularly, and maintaining proper hygiene.” Nissel said she likes to eat mostly plant based foods.  “It is better not just for me but for the animals and the environment. I keep in mind, though, the importance of getting all of my nutrients through different substitutes.”

On the mental aspect, Nissel said she understands the importance of knowing that everything happens for a reason. “The bad makes you appreciate the good. Everyone has insecurities and flaws, but I attempt to look through them and know it doesn't define me. It's crucial to surround yourself with others who also share that mindset.”

The healthiest thing people can do for themselves is to listen to their bodies’ many cues and indicators in order to recognize an imbalance and address the issue. Taking further steps to practice everyday wellness is a bonus that will leave your body thanking you.

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