Indoor Track Good Option to Ease Into the Sport

 Winter weather means most high school sports take place indoors.  One such sport is indoor track, which is very similar to outdoor track. They do most of the same activities, including meets. However, there are some differences.   The indoor track season runs December through March, and the outdoor season runs March through July. The indoor track at 200 meters is half the size of the 400-meter outdoor version.  The indoor track also can have banked turns and must be completely covered. That means the athletes don’t have to content with wind and uncomfortable climate. Despite the other differences, there are also fewer events and participants in indoor track, mainly due to space issues.

Having few members makes it easier for the participants to get more interactions with their teammates and coaches. It gives them the opportunity to prepare themselves for the outdoor season as well. Sophomore Corinne Firestone said of indoor track, “It’s good because then we get extra work during the winter so that we’re in shape for the outdoor season.”

 One of the fun things about participating in indoor track is getting to travel and visit different colleges. “It’s exciting because we get to go to different colleges for meets, including Susquehanna and Dickinson,” said Firestone.

 Most of the indoor track members are distance runners preparing for the upcoming outdoor season. Indoor track has the same coaches as outdoor track, but indoor track doesn’t do throwing or jumping, so they don't have a jumping or throwing coach. Chris Kambic and Ed Boldosser are the coaches for indoor track as well as outdoor track.

Senior Cameron Nelson likes the low-key atmosphere of indoor track.  “The coaches are not as hard on you as they are in outdoor track.”

Indoor track is a good starting point for students interested in the sport. It offers a less stressful way to decide whether or not someone want to try the intense outdoor season. The season is shorter, and with fewer people, and it's easier for new members to learn and get to know their teammates.   

 “I like that it’s laid back and that there is a more flexible schedule.  There’s no daily practice,” said junior Carly Daniels.

The indoor season normally has about three or four meets per year, depending on how well the team is doing.  The first meet was Jan. 6 at Dickinson University. The team also has a meet at Lehigh University later in the season.


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